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  • Over time and on all makes and models of vehicles, seals and gaskets fail causing fluid leaks to varying degrees. Sometimes they’re what we call a ‘seep’ where there’s a film of oil coating the outside of a surface, but not so bad that drops form and fall to the ground. Other leaks are more serious to the point where the fluid drips and leaves stains on the driveway. If you see any stains on your driveway or garage floor we urge you to come in soon to have the leak evaluated. Excessive fluid loss can lead to catastrophic component/system failure. Here’s a list of some leak descriptions to help you identify the possible source of the leak. Black Stain with a Heavy Consistency – Axle leaks Clear Liquid with an Odor – Brake Fluid Yellow, Green, or Orange Stains – Coolant (Antifreeze) Brownish Stains – Engine Oil or Power Steering Fluid Pink or Red Stains – Transmission Fluid


  • We congratulate technician Matt Forsyth on earning his Master ASE and State certification!



  • Quick video of Janet putting air in a lovely young lady's car - Only 92 yrs old....we do offer free air checks in your tires. Come see Janet



  • Do you want to stay on the road, not stranded along side of it AND save money at the same time? Then check out this Kiplinger article.

    5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Car-Kiplinger


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  • Are you traveling for spring break? Let’s make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip. We want you on the road, not stranded along side of it. P.S. Don’t put this off until the day before your trip. Give us enough time to do what needs to be done.



  • Don’t forget the clock in your vehicle. If you’d like some help with that drop by, we’d be glad to reset it for you.


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  • Last night I said Goodbye to the best Mom I could ever ask for. Mom was a true prayer warrior and uplifted all of us. She always complimented everyone she met. She is up in Heaven with Dad. She is pictured here with Great Granddaughter, Reese. She was so proud of all her grandchildren! You will be missed.... Kevin



  • GAS SAVINGS… While you may not be thinking as much about gas savings now that prices are down, everyone still wants to get the most out of every gallon, but BEWARE of miracle products. Here’s some information from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC): “Ads (for gas saving products) typically tout savings from 12 to 25 percent. However, despite evaluating or testing more than 100 alleged gas-saving devices, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not found any product that significantly improves gas mileage. In fact, some "gas-saving" products may damage a car's engine or substantially increase exhaust emissions.” In addition, “No government agency endorses gas-saving products for cars. The most an ad could claim is that EPA has reached certain conclusions about possible gas savings by testing the product or by evaluating the manufacturer's own test data. If the seller claims that its product has been evaluated by EPA, ask for a copy of the EPA report, or check epa.gov for information.”


  • I'm guessing that the information services that we subscribe to don't have service specs for this car.

    The US President’s Car Is Literally “The Beast” on Wheels | LooseSpeed


  • TRUE OR FALSE? Proper tire inflation is listed on the sidewall of the tire. False! The pressure spec listed on the tire’s sidewall identifies the maximum cold inflation pressure that the tire is rated to hold. However, the tire’s maximum pressure is not necessarily the correct pressure for your vehicle. In fact, it’s likely NOT what the vehicle manufacturer recommends, as the recommended inflation pressure is typically lower. The tire pressure recommendation for your vehicle can be found on a tire information placard label (like the one pictured here), which is typically located on the driver’s side doorjamb.


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  • Come on in and let us rotate your tires.


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  • Does this look like a complex and expensive repair? It is both complex and expensive. So, is it worth it? If a vehicle needs a major repair but is in generally good condition otherwise, than yes, it may very well be worth it, EVEN IF the cost of the repair exceeds the value of vehicle. Yes, you read that right. How does that make sense you might ask? A major repair like this, while potentially costing thousands, can add many more years of dependable service life to a vehicle. Compared to the alternative (buying another vehicle), this may be the best decision ECONOMICALLY speaking. That being said, there is a time when the overall condition of a vehicle warrants replacement, and we can help you understand which direction is best to go.


  • Dash warning lights are NOT to be ignored. When one comes on, it’s your car’s way of telling you that something needs to be checked. Here’s a list of common dash warning lights and what they mean. If you have any questions or concerns, call us, stop by, or message us through our FB page. We want you ON the road, not stranded alongside of it this winter.

    Car Dashboard Warning Lights - Understanding What They Mean & How To Act | Visual.ly

  • Do your windshield washers need more power? We have an answer for that!



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