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  • If you’re responsible for the Thanksgiving Day turkey for the first time, just follow these instructions.


  • Couldn't resist sharing this one.


  • Repair or Replace? We see people nearly every day who are asking themselves (and us) this question. Unfortunately there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Economics AND emotions come into play. On the emotional side we understand that you want peace-of-mind knowing that your car is safe and reliable. You want to be on the on the road, never stranded alongside of it. Taking a preventive, proactive approach to vehicle service not only makes this possible, but does so in a manner that is both convenient and affordable. As far the economics are concerned, the article linked here does a decent job of presenting that side of the story.


  • Anyone turn on the heater in their vehicle this morning? Any unusual smells? Everything working properly? Do you know the freeze point of the antifreeze in your cooling system? When was the coolant in your vehicle last changed? What about the thermostat? Just a few things to think about before winter gets here.


  • For those of you who have an automatic transmission in your vehicle (and that’s most everyone), you should be aware of the features of this new technology – The Turbo Encabulator. Take a moment and view this video. Yes, it’s a bit technical, but you should have no trouble following it.

  • 40-years ago today (11/10/75) twenty-nine men were lost when the Edmund Fitzgerald went down off the shores of Whitefish Point in Lake Superior. Linked below is Gordon Lightfoot’s song in tribute along with rare video of the Edmund Fitzgerald and a list of the names of the 29-hands lost that fateful day.


  • You know the saying out-of-sight; out-of-mind. Tires can fall into that category. We recommend checking tire pressure AT LEAST once each month and before a major trip.

  • What would you do if you had a flat tire? Call road service? Yes, road service can be handy if you have it. However, it may not always be readily available. We recommend knowing how to use your vehicle’s jack so you can mount a spare. Take a moment and watch this video so you know what to do BEFORE the need arises.

  • Must be Monday :o)

  • REMEMBER to turn your clocks BACK 1-hour before you go to bed tonight; and remember also to reset the clock in your vehicle.


  • It's that time of year when rodents will migrate out of the weather and into garages and into your car. One thing you can do to prevent the scene pictured here is to make sure that your garage and your vehicle doesn’t have any food in or around it.


  • Leaves that fall on your car can stain the finish, but a little elbow grease can keep your paint job looking fresh. A good wax application each spring and fall is a good idea. Here are a few tips.

  • $44.90 (save $10) - Evaluate Cooling, Battery, Starting, Charging Systems and MORE!!!


  • You might live in Michigan if… Fall is on the right and winter is on the left, all in one photo!


  • $44.90 (save $10) - Evaluate Cooling, Battery, Starting, Charging Systems and MORE!!!


  • The future is now the past. Today is the day Marty McFly arrives in the future.


  • Parents please make the time to talk with your kids about the many dangers of driving especially: alcohol, seat belts, texting, speeding, and extra passengers.



  • The days are getting shorter; the nights are getting longer. Are your lights in good working order AND properly aligned?


  • AAA says that they responded to more than 29-million calls for assistance in 2014. 17-million of these were battery failures. If your battery is over 5-years old it’s not a matter of IF it will fail, it’s a matter of when it will fail. Keep in mind that with winter right around the corner, more cranking amps are needed to turn over a cold engine than a warm one. In other words, the battery might be doing okay now, but that could change in a couple of months. We’re not trying to scare you into anything; rather we just want to see to it that you’re always on the road, never stranded alongside of it.

    Survey shows roadside breakdowns often prevented with proper maintenance - Auto Service World

  • Thank you to Gene and Mary Ann Bowdish for the nice surprise - I ran them down to Big Boy while their car was being worked on and they brought me a Chocolate Cream Pie.


  • Kevin's "tip" of the day .....This is an example of what the "heated seat elements" look like and how "lumbar support" works inside your vehicle seat.


  • It is best to drive over speed bumps by SLOWLY rolling over them; the same is true of rough railroad tracks. Over time hitting bumps (of any variety) too hard will take its toll on your suspension.


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